Tims Storage Barns

Storage Barn

I purchased a 12×28 Garden Shed from Tim. His son walked me thru the process on ordering this unit. I was able to pick out the color from a small piece of siding I brought with me as to match my house. I choose a metal roof and first picked out a color. Tim’s son suggested a different color and when we compared that to the color of shed it actually looked better then the one I thought. Many thanks to Tim’s son as he knock the roof color out of the park! This shed looks awesome in my backyard. I am happy of the quality of this building. I live just outside of the Lafayette In. and looked at sheds here but found Tims on marketpace on facebook and drove to Crawfordsville to look at Tim’s barns. I saved about $900.00 for the same size I looked at in Lafayette. I was contacted when the barn was completed and a delivery time was set. Not only am I impressed with the construction of barn, Keith the delivery driver placed the barn and leveled it up perfect. It is straight as an arrow on my lot. 5 stars to Keith. To all involved, a great experience I had with the people I dealt with.

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