Tims Storage Barns

Great Experience

I Had heard of Yoder Barns through one of my customers who wanted a slab for his barn. I needed a building so I googled it and read reviews and thought Id go check them out. When we got there there were so many to see 1st hands inside and out and you could tell they were built RIGHT! QUALITY was not a worry. Pricing was posted inside the barns based on size and what type they were. My husband asked, how much to deliver and he was blown away by the answer. That the price was including delivery. I could hardly believe it. QUALITY and Priced are very fair. They weren’t nickel and diming everything or being tricky with prices. We ordered with Tim the owner he was so very calm and nice. He wasn’t pushy but if we were ready to order he was ready to help. He went over optional things that you can upgrade with for an additional charge if you wanted more than what you saw on the models. The price on the models for the standard build is exceptional. Hands down. I don’t think we could build one ourselves or have family do it, that nice at that price… we’ve tried

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